Fast, free and private age verification

ProveMyAge is the fast, free and completely private way to access adult content.
We need to know that you’re over 18, and that’s it. No personal details or credit card details needed.

About ProveMyAge

Adult content should only ever be viewed by adults. It's a black and white issue.

The UK’s Digital Economy Act will soon require anyone wanting to access online adult content to prove they are over 18.

ProveMyAge lets everyone over the age of 18, including international visitors to the UK, access adult content privately.

How it works

We designed ProveMyAge to give you the simplest, most secure way to prove you’re over 18.
You can do this by choosing one of the following options.

Prove your age using age estimation

Our age estimation technology uses your device’s camera to scan your facial features. To use this, you need to look over 25 so we can be sure you are over 18. No ID document is required to prove your age.
Your scan is not stored or seen by anyone and is permanently deleted. It only takes a few seconds to estimate your age, then you can access the thousands of adult sites we've partnered with.

Prove your age using the free Yoti app

The Yoti app combines your government-issued ID document with your unique facial features to create a secure digital ID that you control using your phone. When it’s time to prove your age, simply scan the QR code to securely share that you’re over 18 and nothing else. Then you can access multiple adult sites we've partnered with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) is the UK age verification regulator.

ProveMyAge is a private and secure solution that doesn’t require individuals to share sensitive personal information, ID documents or credit card details.
If you choose the Yoti age estimation option, you simply scan your face with the camera on your device and your age is estimated in a matter of seconds.
Your scan is not stored. No personal information is shared, protecting your privacy and identity.
If you use the free Yoti app to prove your age, you only share your verified 18+ age attribute. No other details are shared.

ProveMyAge has been developed to give individuals a fast, secure and private way to prove their age to access online adult content.
It’s been designed with privacy and security as primary considerations.

Age estimation has been built with anti-spoofing measures in place to prevent someone from using a photograph or mask.
It’s been developed to spot the difference between a live human and a still image.

The Digital Economy Act is a law introduced by the UK government that will require age verification to prevent children from viewing adult content.
Read the Digital Economy Act

When you verify your age with ProveMyAge your connection is private.
We don’t see any of your personal details or other identifiable information. And no human will ever see your face scan.
If an adult website has integrated with ProveMyAge, your connection is private when you use it to verify your age. If the website requires you to enter login or personal details to access their services, you are sharing these details with that website only.
We do not see any of these details and do not require you to share any information with us to use ProveMyAge.

Our age estimation technology uses your device’s camera to scan your facial features.
Once your age has been verified, your face scan is permanently deleted.
Your photo is not stored, re-shared, re-used or sold on. Age estimation simply estimates your age.

Faces must be uncovered for age estimation to be able to estimate someone’s age. Someone who has their face or head covered can use the free Yoti app if they would like to access online adult content.